The Beirat

The Beirat of the Fritz Haber Center guides and supervises the center activities. The Beirat reports to the Minerva foundation on the program, budget and activities of the Center. The Beirat convenes every second year in Israel, where a scientific symposium is held presenting the research and achievements of the members of the center and the students.

The current members of the Beirat are:

• Professor Dr. G. Meijer (Berlin, Germany), Chairman 
• Professor Dr. E. K. U. Gross (Halle, Germany) 
• Professor Dr. H. Grubmuller (Guttingen, Germany)
• Professor S. Arkin, (Jerusalem, Israel, Vice President for R&D, Hebrew University)
• Professor M. Asscher (Jerusalem, Israel)
• Professor N. Moiseyev (Haifa, Israel) 
• Professor L. Kronik (Weizman Institute of Science, Israel)