Quantum Molecular Dynamics

28 February, 2022

Quantum Molecular Dynamics

28 February - 3 March 2022

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Synopsis: Ein Gedi's meeting on Molecular Dynamics is intended to congregate the community of researchers in this field in Israel. The meeting will include oral presentations, short talks, and posters. Even more important will be informal discussions during coffee, hiking, beer, and wine.


Organizing comittee:


Ronnie Kosloff, Hebrew University

Bar Ezra, Hebrew University

Aviv Aroch, Hebrew University

Roie Dann, Hebrew University


Tentative list of speakers:

Ronnie Kosloff, Hebrew University, Jerusalem

Daniel Stasser, Hebrew University, Jerusalem

Sandy Ruhman, Hebrew University, Jerusalem

Esti Livshits, Hebrew University, Jerusalem

Igor Schapiro, Hebrew University, Jerusalem

Roi Bear, Hebrew University, Jerusalem

Tamar Stein, Hebrew University, Jerusalem


Christiane Koch, Free University, Berlin


Zohar Amitay, Technion, Haifa

Nimrod Moiseyev, Technion, Haifa

Lev Chuntonov, Technion, Haifa

Yuval Shagam, Technion, Haifa


Sharly Fleischer, Tel Aviv University, Tel Aviv

Barak Hirshberg, Tel Aviv University, Tel Aviv


David Tannor, Weizmann, Rehovot

Baruch Margulis, Weizmann, Rehovot



Eran Raban, Berkeley College of Chemistry



Barak Hirshberg

Christiane Koch

Jonathan Berkheim





short video clip from the hike on the second day to David waterfall:




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